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"I came to the course knowing nothing about coding... Your curriculum is easy to follow with lots of helps."  Mark



What is Zebra Code?  

Learn Full Stack Web Development  


Zebra Code's blended teaching approach is the fastest way to learn how to code and build rich web applications!

Course Topics  

Python Programming

  • variables, comments
  • basic data types (strings, integers, floats, dates)
  • branching
  • interation, loops
  • functions
  • lists, dictionaries

Front End Development

  • sessions, cookies, managing state
  • bootstrap, menus, layout pages
  • jQuery
  • client side validation
  • responsive design

Back End Development

  • relational database (SQLite)
  • SQL - create, read, update, delete
  • model-view-controller
  • security - authentication, registration, login

Application Design

  • story boarding
  • database design
  • work flow
  • cloud deployment

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Terry Toy

Software Developer, Teacher, and Dad!

Advisory Board

Kyle Cobb

Co-Founder and CFO Greenbotics, Product Manager SunPower, and Phenomenal Business Strategist

Advisory Board

Bill Habicht

Non Profit Leader, Co-Founder JumpStart and Pollinate Davis, Pastor and Community Engagement Specialist!

Advisory Board

Kari Mah

Self Taught Ruby on Rails Virtuoso, Project Euler Guru, and Dog Lover!

Advisory Board

Wajohn Yao

Expert Developer (in too many languages to list) and all around Brilliant Problem Solver!

Business Accelerator

Davis Roots

Zebra Code is supported by business accelerator, Davis Roots.

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STEM jobs

"There are more than 75,000 open jobs in computing in California and only 4324 computer science graduates to fill them." Muhammed Chaudhry, CEO of Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Special Introductory Price
$350 for 9 Week (36 hrs) Course!

(Less than $10 per hour! -- Money Back Guarantee *)

Next Class Starts Spring 2015 (Apr 2 - May 28)  

Included with your Enrollment:

  • Evening Classes - Thursday evenings (6-10pm) for 9 Weeks at Davis Roots, 604 2nd Street, Davis, CA, 95616.
  • Online Curriculum - Review on your own time, available for 1 year
  • Guest speakers - with industry experience
  • Small Classes - Max 14 Students, so Register Early
  • No prior programming experience required - must be comfortable with computers
  • Money Back Guarantee - Cancel within 24 hours after first class for a FULL Refund *

  • Students need to bring a laptop (PC or MAC) to each class.
  • Students will learn, build, and deploy apps to the cloud.
  • Thousands less than other Code Schools!

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About the Instructor:  


Terry Toy, the founder of Zebra Code, has over 15 years experience developing software across multiple industries. In addition to his industry experience, Terry has taught numerous web programming courses for University of California Davis Extension. Passionate about Computational Thinking, Terry believes that basic coding should be taught to all as a means of problem solving. Terry has BS degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (U.S. Coast Guard Academy) and a MS in Management (Naval Postgraduate School).

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The next killer app???

Everyone has an idea about the next killer app! Others simply want so solve a business problem. Whatever your goal, building web apps (that connect to a database) has never been easier. These powerful apps connect people, streamline processes, and build community! Create live forums at City Council meetings; Automate your company's time cards or inventory; Design a scheduling app for your non-profit; Invent a game for your friends; or (like I did) manage online content for your class! The possibilities are endless. Take that first step and start building your app today! Enroll to learn how to code. Or contact us about our Consulting Services. We often build prototype apps for FREE!

Why learn to build web apps?

All major websites (social networks, e-commerce, auctions, news sites) use the same core technology of connecting a website to a database. Previously, businesses needed whole IT departments to manage these sites. Today, building web apps to the cloud has never been easier, so even small businesses can benefit from this technology. The benefits are enormous -- connecting with customers, streamlining workflows, and improving communication.

Jobs are another reason to learn-to-code. Muhammed Chaudhry, CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, writes "currently there are more than 75,000 open jobs in computing in California and only 4,324 computer science graduates to fill them." Even for those who do not plan to be programmers, knowing these concepts are valuable and carry over to many related fields such as data science, project management, entrepreneurship, and human resources. Today, every industry is being impacted by technology.

Who is this class for?  Do I need prior programming experience?

This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to code and build data driven wep applications. Whether you are an entrepreneur launching a start up, an adult interested in technology, or a business streamlining processes, learning-to-code is a valuable skill in the 21st century.

No prior programming experience is required, although participants should be computer literate. The focus of the course is building practical, real world applications using a hands on, project-based curriculum. Participants will have the opportunity to work on real business problems or choose their own projects for the course.

What are Data Driven Web Applications?

Data driven applications are websites that connect to a database. These applications are used for a wide variety of business purposes such as processing orders, managing content, connecting social networks, automating systems, searching data, and much more. Virtually every major website uses this core technology. Note: This course teaches full stack web development, NOT native applications such as iOS or Android.

Why learn WEB2PY?

WEB2PY is a robust, integrated full stack development environment, based on Python, a popular and powerful programming language. WEB2PY is ideal to those new to web development because it is easy to learn. Despite its ease of use, WEB2PY is powerful and can scale as your business grows.

Can I learn full stack development in a few months?

Yes! With project based learning, participants, in this class, will build data driven websites and deploy them to the cloud. Participants can apply these same principles to build their own applications. Obviously, students will not become experts in only a few months. However, participants will learn the core concepts, enough to build applications that solve business problems.

Why choose Zebra?

With its unique combination of in person and online curriculum, Zebra is the best way to learn full stack development. Participants learn the core principles and can review material at their convenience, often months later when the information may be more relevant to a current project. Other full stack web development courses cost thousands more!

What is a typical class like?

A typical class involves short lectures and code demonstrations with numerous break out lab sessions in which students work together in pairs or small groups. Participants are encouraged to collaborate together and help each other. The only way to learn how to code is practice, so a significant percentage of class time is writing code. The class space is an open area, so after hearing a core concept and seeing a demonstration, participants break into small groups and practice. The online curriculum is an excellent resource to review (or preview) material. Toward the end of the course, participants spend more time on their projects.

What is the weekly time commitment for the course?

The class is 4 hours each week. In that time, participants will learn how to build and deploy basic web applications. Participants are encouraged to spend more time, but it depends on the student's goals. Generally, participants should spend an additional 2-8 hours each week, but each case is different. Web applications are unique, dependent on many factors such as number of users, data elements, design criteria, algorithms, webpages, database records, and more. Participants who want to build complex applications will need to spend countless more hours than the 9 week course. The goal of the course is to provide participants a solid background in all areas of web development using WEB2PY. From this point, participants can forge their own paths based on their goals.

How can businesses, start-ups, non-profits, or local government participate?

Organizations can submit ideas for apps. Or, better yet, enroll employees in Zebra Code classes! Businesses must register to attend Demo Night at the end of the course.

Who teaches the course?

The lead instructor is Terry Toy, the founder of Zebra Code, who has over 15 years experience developing software across multiple industries. From web business applications to firmware on geostationary satellites, Terry has a variety of experience working with software platforms and languages. In addition to his industry experience, Terry has taught numerous web programming courses for University of California Extension programs. Passionate about Computational Thinking, Terry believes that basic coding should be taught to all as a means of problem solving. Terry, a double major, earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the US Coast Guard Academy. He also has a Master of Science in Management from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Who are the guest speakers?

Guest speakers, are a network resource, often on the Advisory Board, who provide professional insights into the software development and business aspects of the industry. Examples of guest speakers might be working professionals in software development, business accelerators, or start-up companies or non-profits. Guest lecturers provide a short lesson (15 mins) on relevant topics.

What Other Courses Does Zebra Code Offer?

When you sign up for Zebra Code's flagship Full Stack Web Development course, you also get free access to two introductory courses. One is an introductory course in Python. The second is an introduction to JavaScript course, which focuses on math applications. Both are available to schools at a nominal cost.

As it grows, Zebra Code plans to offer additional advanced courses such as Ruby on Rails, Django, and more.

Who can I contact to learn more?

Submit your business or organiaztional information for free App evaluation.  Join our waitlist for future classes.  And Like Us on Facebook.