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ZebraCode.io starts with a teacher who wants to learn how-to-code. Our curriculum uses industry stardards to teach Python (git, flask) the most productive computer languages and tools available today. Try our curriculum for free. If needed, schedule professional developoment training and year round support at your school. With ZebraCode, you learn the tools of the trade, from an industry perspective, so you can provide your students a practical, relevant computer science education.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZebraCode's mission?
ZebraCode wants all high schools to have access to a quality computer science program. So, our introductory semester course is 100% free on YouTube. Explore our curriculum.

ZebraCode is maintained by Terry, an experienced software developer and co-teacher (high school computer science) in Davis, CA. Unlike other high school programs, ZebraCode promotes an industry focused curriculum based on popular development tools (Python, Git, Flask) so students learn relevant skills.
Why should I become a member, when everything is free? How much does membership cost?
Membership is optional. But comes with many annual benefits, including: (1) ten hours of customer support for whatever questions you may have such as configuring your computer lab, designing a project, or debugging a program; (2) source code for all homework problems, solutions, and projects; (3) five additional projects; and (4) access to ZebraCode's Python Flask Web course -- a full follow-on or independent study course.
Does ZebraCode offer additional courses?
Yes, ZebraCode is developing a Python Flask Web Development course. This new course, which builds on the introductory course is only available with membership. Topics for the web development course are: Flask, HTML, Get / Post, Request, Response, SQL, Persisting Data, Sessions / Cookies, Log In. With this advanced course, students learn to build and publish data driven websites (that connect to a database) such as a school newspaper, an online forum, or a website such as craigslist. Contact us to learn more.
What is the best way to use ZebraCode.io?
ZebraCode can be your main curriculum or a supplement to an existing program. Use ZebraCode for class room differeniation. Send advanced students ahead using ZebraCode projects. Or, use the resourses to shore up students who are falling behind. ZebraCode is a free resource to help in your classrom.
What type of professional development does ZebraCode offer?
ZebraCode offers 1-2 week onsite courses at your facility, which must have a classroom setting with internet access and laptop computers. Based on your needs, topics include: configuring your computer lab; how to use the ZebraCode curriculum; and Python Lessons.
What is the best way to learn more about ZebraCode.io?
Use our Contact form AND email us at: zebracodeio@gmail.com. We will include you in our newsletter. We do not send spam or sell our customer contact information.
Can I donate to ZebraCode.io?
Yes, ZebraCode welcomes corporate sponsors and donations. If you like this website, please consider donating. We can also display your company logo promiently on our website. Use our Contact form AND email us at: zebracodeio@gmail.com to learn more.

Always Free!

Our curriculum is always 100% free. Watch demos, practice homework, view solutions, take quizzes, explore concepts. Need more support? Learn about our optional professional development and personalized training.

Professional Development

For Schools .... Zebracode.io provides professional development. Launching a computer science curriculum at your school has never been easier. Get the support level you need.

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Zebracode will visit your school and provide onsite training for teachers and staff! Zebracode's unique curriculum has professional development packages for 1,2, or 3 week programs, depending on the support level that you need. Professional development includes (1) learning how to code; (2) extensive training on how to use the curriculum, including online videos, homework, demos, presentations, assessments; (3) professional productivity tools such as git, python anywhere; and (4) technical support for questions during the school year.

Personalized Training

For Individuals ... Would you like a personalized training plan? Zebracode provides personal on-line training services to help teachers (or students) learn python using it's dynamic curriculum. Zebracode works around your busy schedule to determine your individual needs. Get the support that you need!

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Private training sessions focus on individual lesson plans at affordable prices. Depending on your needs, rates start as low as $50 per hour. Sessions can be 25 or 50 minutes, with each scheduled once or multiple times per week during the school year or summer. In addition to Python, you'll learn industry tools such as git, editors, pip, sql -- tools to make you productive! Contact us to learn more.